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Digital Health Check

SEO | Digital Health Check

We estimate that around 90% of websites have the incorrect SEO. Could this be you? If you are not sure then please contact us for a free Digital Health Check of your website and Digital DNA.

Find out more by calling us on Freephone +44 (0) 800 802 1968 or email us on info@figadigital.com.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps – Do they really make life easier? So I did an experiment.  Yes me, Jon Hale, the founder of FIGA Digital. I was on the way to the office on Thursday and wanted to test the power of the Mobile App. Is it really as life-changing as everyone’s making out? I decided to…
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Digital DNA

What is Digital DNA?  And how does it affect your web presence? The discovery of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 was truly ground breaking. It identified the building blocks of every living creature on the planet and had far-reaching consequences. But what is Digital DNA?  At FIGA, we use this term…
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Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria

Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria So I’m off to a friend in Burgas, Bulgaria for a long weekend. It’s on the Black Sea and temperatures are looking fantastic at 30c. I’ve messaged my friend on his new number and so far, no replies. Also, from a message I sent a few days ago. I’m taking a…
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