Brand Logo Website Re-Skinning !

Branding is a creative and practical process, combined. There needs to be an element of creativity, and making sure that creativity is practical, so that your brand is understood and positioned where you want to be in your marketplace.

This branding needs to be reflected in your logo design, through to your business cards and letterhead paper. Also marketing materials should reflect the same branding where possible, for brand continuity and awareness.

The FIGA creative team can assist you in the creation of your brand, branding, logo design, letterhead paper, business cards and marketing materials, whether these are in print or held on digital platforms.

Our team also produce great animated logos that use your existing logo and bringing in your core values into an animation.

We often re-skin client's websites as well, working along side your website developers in order to execute a fresher look and feel. This involves re-working website or page structure, sourcing new images and writing new content that will inspire you and your website visitors.

We look forward to hearing from you.