Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization

Professionally qualified, we set-up and manager Google Ads, undertake Keyword search, Google 'footfall' review, and competitor analysis, to determine how best to optimise your digital offering, to win new business.

We have perfected our own method of obtaining new leads and sales for our client through combining our Digital, Accountancy & Business skills, to analyse data from Google Ads, Analytics, Ad Spy, and other sources, in search of your 'gold'.

Having taken over many Google Ads accounts that were incorrectly setup and badly managed, we undertake the work involved to have relevant, affordable, and successful Ads.

Many websites worldwide have either the incorrect Meta Data or worse still, none at all. This occurs, as many web developers are not properly SEO trained and during the build phase, use autofill around the URL path name, which is incorrect.

If you feel you attract the wrong leads through Google Ads, have the incorrect SEO, and would like us to check for you, please reach out for a no-obligations free of charge Digital Heath Check.

Feel free to email us at enquiries@figadigital.com or Freephone on 0800 802 1968