Web Design & PPC

Beautiful Functional Responsive and Pay Per Click Services!

Our award-winning team shall design & build your new website. We are based in Shoreditch, London, and Worting, just outside Basingstoke, and design websites in WordPress for service-based projects or Shopify / Drupal / Woo for E-com websites, or bespoke websites for more complex projects.

We start with your branding and design your digital assets around that, mapping out the user journey into wireframes. Our tech team then converts this into a modern, fresh, exciting, and attractive website, along with required widgets & plug-ins.

It's important to optimize your key web-pages through effective SEO and we can provide Professional Google Ads (PPC) to increase your online sales or new business leads.

Our other digital services include:

  • SEO experts and data capture software to optimise your website search browser ranking
  • creative content – our creative teams design logos and branding, visual engagement & videos
  • our tech teams build bespoke web based digital systems, including CRM and CMS systems

Please email us at enquiries@figadigital.com or call on Freephone 0800 802 1968