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Our Multi-Award-Winning Team

Jon, who was born in Sendai Japan, founded figa digital (figa is made up of the first letter from the names of his four children) in 2014 and oversees the technical areas, digital business strategy and business development. He started his digital career around 20 years ago within the festival business, where on-line ticketing exploded.

He creates and runs bespoke Google Ads to increase client leads & sales and organic SEO services to improve search engine optimization. He's often seen in the backend of WordPress where he builds & project manages website builds.

He trains in tennis, is a skier (now trying to stay more on-piste), and a frequent traveller. He enjoys playing chess, is learning to surf and was a professional musician in the mid to late 80's.

– Jon Hale

Jon Hale
Nikki Stefanova

Nikki is our lead graphic designer. She is an artist who converted her talent to digital and is an Adobe software expert.

Her work includes designing websites, UX, social media artwork, banners, logos & branding, and NFTs.

In her spare time, she paints on canvas. A former ballerina and lover of music, she is a true delight given her creative diversity and multi-cultural outlook.

– Nikki Stefanova
Lead Designer

Seb is a strong hold within our creative team. He is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, and editor.

With over a decade of experience working across medium to large brands, he’s an exciting visionary and knows how to tell a visual story.

He can bring your brand or logo to life through animation or produce outstanding visual engagement with your images.

In his spare time, he enjoys parkour, bouldering, yoga and travel.

It's difficult to use words to describe how deep his passions are, but they involve digital coins and crypto, horticulture & companion planting, and the environment.

– Seb Drewett

Marina De Souza

Marina heads up our WordPress programming & coding, and handles all things related to web design, code implementation, technical project management, web server management and system integration.

She is one of those developers who has an eye for beautiful, but yet, functional design embracing a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Marina enjoys rock climbing, is a keen skier and yoga enthusiast. She loves to cook all types of cuisine, and sometimes we get to have a taste.

– Marina De Souza
Lead Developer

Chris has built up and owns a successful Ecom business based in the Midlands where he is CEO, and continues to be heavily involved with the daily running of the company’s UK and International activity.

At FIGA, he oversees all digital aspects including digital marketing and the development of our digital services.

Chris has an astute analytical ability that enables him to understand the value of product & service, along with business flair to match.

A talented car circuit tracker, and a keen musician being a former professional bass guitarist.

– Chris Rawlings
Ecom Specialist