from our wonderful team!

experienced designers, programmers, project managers and creatives on hand for all your digital needs

Who We Are

The FIGA Story

The business was started in 2014 when a group of experienced digital service providers got together and decided to create a digital service provider under one roof that would provide across digital services tailored to the needs of businesses and organisations, all dove-tailed together.

Built on good client care, service values along with sensible, commercial and robust digital strategy, the digital needs of clients are met within carefully controlled budgets.

The digital market, for the past decade, has been rife with over-pricing and the FIGA team set about addressing this through a detailed pricing list to cater for small to medium sized business. Some prices may vary depending on your specific requirements.

On the odd occasion we may ask, " What's your budget ? " to gauge the software platform more suited to your business and its future plans. Having won many new build projects that were put out to tender, we know our prices are very competitive.

We are a team of professional digital service providers covering technical programming, creative designers, qualified SEO and Google Ads specialists across all languages, analytical research, and nice honest people to work with.

We pride ourselves on working with good clients, who know that we will always get a project or job finished to their satisfaction, however much time is required as for us, the quality of a completed project is ultimately what counts.

Some Of Our Clients

Our Clients are our Business

Working with owner-manager business, sole traders, organisations, charities, schools and medium sized business and organisations, we are proud to represent all their digital needs.

All businesses and organisations work within controlled budgets and we understand no other way to work. We will undertake a Digital Strategy review for you in order that we provide the correct digital solutions.

Why Us

Quality At A Great Price

A digital platform for your business is a creative affair and requires robust and clean programming to make sure the website and user experience is optimised.

At FIGA digital we take time to listen to what your requirements are, allow the build process to develop under a structure to ensure that you are happy from the very start of the project, and after your new website goes live.

Our prices are also what clients like about us, along with the friendly and professional team who engage in your project.

What We Do

Across Digital Service Provider

We provide across digital services for you, under one roof, that are compatible to achieve your digital goals and aspirations, at different growth phases of your business or organisation.

We build websites or apps from scratch or adapt your website by re-skinning or improving content, with optimised organic SEO for your key webpages.

We also create Google Ad Campaigns and management thereof, creative engagement through logo animation and creative clips, corporate video and branding.