Our Multi-Award-Winning Team

Creatives who design and build websites, provide professional PPC & SEO, logo & branding & visual engagement, with high standards of service delivery.
  • Jon Hale

    Jon, who was born in Sendai Japan, founded figa digital (figa is made up of the first letter from the names of...

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  • Nikoleta Stefanova

    Nikki is our lead graphic designer and heads up our creative team. She is firstly an artist who converted her artistic talent...

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  • Seb Drewett

    Seb is a strong hold within our creative team. He is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, and editor. With over a decade...

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  • Chris Rawlings

    Chris has built up and owns a successful e-comm business based in the Midlands where he is the CEO and continues to...

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  • Marina De Souza

    Marina heads up our team of WordPress and Drupal programmers and coders and handles all things related to web design implementation, senior...

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  • David Thorpe

    David has a natural ability to keep up in the fast pace of App and Web App design and build. He is able...

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Visual Engagement

We love visual engagement and like nothing more than to bring strong visual content to our clients.

The FIGA creative team put together this short video clip. It's a great time to do a 360' review of your digital offering.

Contact us at enquiries@figadigital.com to find out more.

Project Brief & Management and Client Satisfaction

Our Key Focus Areas

Project Brief

To design and develop a creative and yet practical digital platform along with other digital support services, within an acceptable project time frame.

Project Management

However challenging the project, we will always be upfront and honest with our clients and provide the most suitable digital platforms and support services, wrapped up with a strong desire to deliver the project brief.

Client Satisfaction

Every client has a different approach and knowledge base of digital & tech. We do our best to gauge where that is and to include your ideas within that process, so you're fully satisfied upon project completion. Please see our Google Reviews on Google Maps by clicking the Contact button (on mobile, the Reviews link is visible when held landscape):

Our History

Spanning a number of years - but it's today and tomorrow that counts, as in digital, everything keeps changing!
  • 2023Design and build new websites for new clients, design digital brochures and embed them into flipbooks, and also published high-end brochures. Worked closely with Google to optimise their new AI features for G-Ads (PPC). Implemented GA4 across all clients. And, the team were really surprised to win yet another award from the SME Awards, for PPC Services Company of the Year 2023. This makes 3 years in a row! Thank you so much to the SME Awards and those who voted for us.
  • 2022This year saw us undertake website re-skins, design brochures and embed them into flipbooks, digital strategy report for an on-line business, and a database project management integration. We also dipped our toe into tokenization and NFTs. And, we were thrilled to win another award from the SME Awards, for Best PPC Services Company. Thank you so much to our team and to those who voted for us.
  • 2021Business confidence begins to return and new business is beginning to appear. Google Ads work increased to 8 overseas territories. We won an award from the SME Awards, for Most Innovative Web Design Company Thank you for this amazing recognition and to our team!
  • 2020Worked closely with clients to cut unnecessary expenditure from digital budgets during the CV Lockdown. Consolidated and focused on core areas of our digital offering.
  • 2019Refined our own business offering with improvements made to our internal Project Management through more up-to-date software and improving our efficiency.
  • 2018With client base growth within Europe, opened hubs in Poland and Croatia to provide better quality value-for-money services. Expanded Google Ads to 5 overseas territories.
  • 2017Expanded digital services outside the UK to improve our web design offering for medium sized businesses using highly talented and experienced technical coders and programmers on our bigger project.
  • 2016-15 Bolted in Google Ads setup and management, corporate video and animated clips. Setup and managing Google Ads Campaigns in the UK, and 2 overseas territories.
  • 2014Launched FIGA Digital, an across-digital services provider bringing together a professional & experienced team. Focusing on the SME market offering SEO, website build & bespoke software, logo & branding.