Why Choose FIGA Digital

Why choose FIGA Digital to build your website ?

It‘s simple! We add all the Digital extras you need so your website is properly setup for the Internet. Here's our list of to-do's:

  • Beautifully designed website that has been created for you
  • Your website will be responsive (work on Mobile and iPad platforms)
  • We will Map your old Website URL paths to your new Website URL paths, where they are different
  • Link your website to Google Analytics
    • Analytics is a useful tool that provides information on how your website is being used by visitors
  • Link your website to Google Search Console
    • Google needs to know about your website paths
      • we’ll post your sitemap to make sure that Google crawls are properly focused on your sitemap
    • your domain will have the correct territory settings
    • we’ll look out for hard 404 error codes
      • these will impact your search engine ranking
  • Provide professional hosting for your website
    • providing you with a fast stable hosting platform
    • ensure that your website has a daily back-up
  • Make sure that your website has the appropriate software plugins
    • protected from hackers
    • limit attempts for login attempts
    • quality SEO software
  • Effective SEO
    • we’ll add our basic SEO package
    • you have the option to upgrade this package to target the correct KeyWords suitable for your website pages to bring you more business
  • Google Ads
    • we can setup your professional Ads account for you to make sure your spend is focused where it should be and optimise your Ads over time so they are more efficient and at a lower cost per click
    • Other Google Ad offerings are less effective for you
      • Google Express - our tests show that this produces a low ‘Return On Investment’ and always somehow too conveniently, your monthly budget is spent
      • Google Expert - they often try and increase your spend levels, without looking at the commercial side on your behalf. We deal with the Google admin team, so no more sales calls trying to increase your budget spend
  • Google My Business
    • this should be setup as it provides Google search engine users with more information on you and your business
    • making regular Posts through Google My Business will improve your Google search engine ranking

Phew ! That's a lot you get for your money. This is not an industry standard offering, but it's the FIGA Digital standard offering.

Why ? This is simple too. We are on a digital journey with you and that requires all of the above to be in place so that you are in a good position to benefit from the digital side of your business.


Call us to discuss your website needs on Freephone +44 (0) 800 802 1968 or email on info@figadigital.com