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  • Thinking about a new Website

    Thinking about a new website? You need to read this! You know your business needs a new website. You’ve done some...

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  • The Importance of Blogging

    6 reasons why blogs are good for websites You’re busy.  Life is hectic and balancing priorities for your business is difficult....

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  • WordPress

    Top 10 biggest mistakes on WordPress websites WordPress is a great software platform to use for your website.  It offers a...

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  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps – Do they really make life easier? So I did an experiment.  Yes me, Jon Hale, the founder of...

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  • Digital DNA

    What is Digital DNA?  And how does it affect your web presence? The discovery of DNA by James Watson and Francis...

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  • Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria

    Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria So I’m off to a friend in Burgas, Bulgaria for a long weekend. It’s on the Black...

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