Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria

Trip to Burgas, Bulgaria

So I’m off to a friend in Burgas, Bulgaria for a long weekend. It’s on the Black Sea and temperatures are looking fantastic at 30c.

I’ve messaged my friend on his new number and so far, no replies. Also, from a message I sent a few days ago.

I’m taking a domestic flight to Burgas and can’t believe the timings as they are pretty late. But then we’re now in season on the Black Sea, so I guess anything goes.

As I haven’t heard from my friend and land at 1.30am, so thought best to see if I can get a room that’s close to the airport. So it seems I’ve found a hotel that’s pretty much the same cost as a night in a hostel, and it’s a 20 minutes walk from the airport, so keeping within my guidelines of travel, I only use public transport or walk, whatever time it is.

Flash back to Crete when I walked after a local bus took me to the old town and as I was hunting down my hotel at around 1am, Google maps had taken me through some off beaten tracks for sure and straight passed a massive stray dog area. Was grateful that they couldn’t care less about me walking by.

Have messaged the hotel with instructions of my arrival time, given its very antisocial – and lets hope they are in the Summer season spirit.  Worst case is a night on the beach, watching the sunrise and having a swim. Whoops another flashback, when I did that on Benicassim beach, in Spain. A great through the early morning hours for sure !!

Great, so heard back pretty quickly before take off, that my check in’s time been accepted. At Sofia airport, after a fair amount of waiting, planes been delayed, by 2 hours. That makes my check-in time even more anti-social – estimated around 4am. Better message the hotel … still all good with check-in hour. Best whip the laptop out to fill in some of that delay time.

Land and as I exit the terminal its pretty nice and warm around 18c, at 3.30am. Looking forward to getting to bed for a few hours. Press the G-Map link to the Hotel and alls good so start off on the short walk. I was being directed down a dirt track and couldn’t help wondering how any map could have that as genuine route !

After getting some sleep, I woke to a fantastic sunny day. Cleared some key work and was then scheduled to watch Jarrassic World, in 3D with my friend, and afterward off to see the Black Sea coast.

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