Google My Business – Update

Google My Business – New Changes

There are recent changes to Google My Business, that you need to be aware of. If you already have an account setup then please read on. If not, skip to the below and setup one right away.

1. New Changes

Google My Business has made some recent changes that are important to your Google My Business listing and website search visibility.

  • New Posts
    • There is now a function to Add Posts. These are simpler than website blog postings
    • Don't replicate the exact wording although it’s fine to duplicate a topic for both website blog posts and My Business posts
    • They should be relevant to what you do
    • Topics of interest to your website visitors
    • That will engage the professionally community you work with
    • You can also add ‘call to action’ buttons to the post to allow contact with you or to provide the reader with more information
  • Add New Images
    • Keep adding images into your photos of projects
    • Events you host or attend
    • Related to your business
    • Of interest to your professional community


2. Second Business Address

The only way to deal with a second business address is to add a new location within your existing My Business account. This does create a new separate account that will require the same attention as your existing one.

So make sure that you enter all the information required, update with new images, obtain different reviews from genuine customers and, as recently changed, add new posts.

Make sure as well to embed your second location Google map into your business website’s contact page so that your website visitors are aware of both locations.


3. Set-Up a Google My Business account - Now

Enter into your Google website browser. You’ll need to attach your Google My Business page to a Google Gmail account for that business.

Make sure that you enter all the information asked for, update with new photos, obtain genuine reviews from customers, they can only come from other Google My Business accounts, as well as add new posts.


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