Jon founded FIGA Digital in 2014 and oversees the technical areas, Digital Business Strategy and winning new clients.

In addition, he creates and runs bespoke Google Ads Campaigns to increase client's sales, provides expert organic SEO services to improve search engine ranking and implements goals and user experience improvements through Tag Manager and Analytics.

When required, he often is seen in the backend of WordPress and Drupal, where on the former he designs, builds and project manages new WordPress website builds from start to finish, in order to keep the brain ticking and stay up-to-date with technology. In Drupal, he managers the CMS system and makes on-screen changes to the more complex website builds in Drupal, as well as project managing these larger projects.

He started his digital career around 15 years ago within the festival business, where on-line ticketing became big business.

Previously, he ran a successful consultancy and worked on a number of projects, namely; Cash Point Machines, HMV Live, Benicassim music festival, Corsets UK and Peyton & Byrne.

Jon has been in business for over twenty-five years and during that time he has undertaken four successful IPOs on the AIM Stock Exchange across the leisure and hospitality markets where he held a variety of full-time executive roles from COO to CEO.

He enjoys boxing, the gym, tennis, is a frequent skier and traveller. He is learning to surf and also tries his hand at Opera singing.