Thinking about a new Website

Thinking about a new website? You need to read this!

You know your business needs a new website. You’ve done some research and looked at competitor sites.  You’re aware that digital technology is constantly evolving and you want to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers.  But where do you start? And how do you ensure that your new website works effectively for your business?

The number and range of websites is overwhelming.  In January 2018, the number of active sites stood at around 200 million and the number grows every second of every day.  Despite this, less than 1 million websites account for over 50% of all web traffic. Unless you invest in quality content, good SEO (search engine optimisation) and marketing such as Google AdWords, it is very unlikely your new website will get noticed.

Fuelling success

At FIGA, we compare this to buying a car.  You can have the highest spec, all the latest gadgets, a beautiful look and feel.  But unless the vehicle has petrol, tyres and a road licence, it’s as good as useless.  A website without good SEO, optimised content and digital marketing is like a brand new car that’s stuck in the showroom.  It isn’t going anywhere!

It’s common to think, once you have a website, you don’t need anything else. But simply having a website on-line is not enough.  Once it’s live, it needs to be found by the right people at the right time, whether that’s through search engine optimisation or digital marketing channels. As a result, your website will need constant evolution as well as a strategy for building long-lasting digital presence.

Prioritise SEO

Our recommendation is that you use an agency of SEO experts to build your website from the very beginning. At FIGA, we live and breathe Google, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and constantly adapting our approach in line with this.  Every day, we use tools like Google Ads, Search Console and Analytics to refine, strengthen and build the on-line presence of our clients.

This doesn’t need to cost the earth.  We have a fixed price list of affordable websites to suit every budget. We use WordPress or Drupal platforms, depending on the size and complexity of each project, which enable us to offer robust, powerful websites with good functionality and flexibility.  


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