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Organic SEO - websites

Websites became the ‘must have’ platform over the past 15-20 years. This created substantial global demand, with many digital agencies starting up in order to service this demand.

Some 15-20 years on and now with Google as being the main search engine in Europe, businesses and organisations have a good understanding as to whether their digital platforms have worked or not. The results of this survey would be an interesting read.

With the growing trend of low cost website providers like square space and wix, there are now other alternatives that have hugely undercut the expensive digital agencies and service providers for a new website. These low cost website options are fine for small owner operator businesses, although no organic SEO will be built up here for your business.

As a result, many digital agencies and service providers are looking at offering different digital solutions in order to keep their once very busy and profitable businesses alive; like using the buzzword SEO services in mailshot emails.

The one interesting factor here, is that all these so-called organic SEO experts have undertaken no training or little training in the area of SEO and yet are offering SEO services, claiming to be able obtain 1st page ranking on Google for your website.

Organic SEO

It is more and more important to get the organic SEO right on a website. This is because competition becomes greater each year along with new websites being launched in your Google ‘footfall’ and there now being only one main search engine, Google.

Having undertaken an internal study, we estimate that 80% of websites have either the wrong SEO or non at all. This supports that most digital agencies and service providers do not train up in organic SEO, and yet input Meta information onto a new website they have built that is incorrect or worse still, leave it as blank.

It’s important to choose Page Titles and Meta Descriptions carefully and in-line with relevant keywords and relevant search terms used in Google by your would-be clients.

Think of Google as having the most sophisticated knowledge and detailed information on all businesses and who you really are as a business and organisation.

There is no doubt that whatever business size you are, having some AdWords campaigns linked to relevant search terms, helps with your organic ranking on Google.

At all costs, avoid the overseas cheap SEO service providers as they will do little to assist you, but still charge you a monthly fee to send you a highlight report, often including activity on Bing or Yahoo and other search engines.

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