Google ‘Footfall’

Google ‘footfall’

In traditional retail, ‘footfall’ was often used when potential would be shop owners were looking to take on a new shop unit, being the historic number of people who walk passed the shop door.

It’s just as important a word in digital, and given currently in Europe, we have one main search engine, Google, it’s become even more important to know exactly what digital ‘footfall’ is related to your organic SEO or your AdWords campaigns.

Google ‘footfall’ covers several areas:

1. How is Google looking at you as a business in terms of your rankings and for which search terms?

Your domain authority, organic SEO and business offering is analysed by Google. This creates your digital DNA - where you rank in what you do as a business and what your offering is in comparison to your competitors.

2. Where does Google place Ads put out by you and your competitors ?

Sometimes a search term returns mainly academic, blogs or news website results. This is because most of the digital content available is coming from an academic or newsworthy source, rather than from a business.

It’s unlikely, even if you are the only business that tries to impress Ads here, that you will win any business here, as the Google ‘footfall’ is the wrong type.

It’s usually better to search where your competitors are placing Ads and for which search terms, in order to gauge if that’s where your Ads should appear

3. Why are Ads often not seen when checked to see if they are live

There are a number of limitations you must bare in mind if you can’t see your Ads for the search terms you’ve used

  • Your daily AdWords budget
  • The relevancy Google AdWords has given you for that KeyWord
  • Are you Ads bigger than they need to be – space is always a deciding factor as to whether your Ad gets squeezed in or not towards the top of page 1 or 2. Don’t use extensions unless you think they are worth adding.

4. Using incognito mode

Remember to look at search terms also in incognito mode so that you get an unbiased return of results, without a geographic emphasis as to where your IP address is located. Often this drops out Ads being displayed, so this function is more useful when looking at organic SEO rankings.

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