Animated Clip

Animating Images or Video

Most companies have commissioned photographers to shoot images of their products & services and graphic designers to form their logos.

A full-blown video can be expensive and a lengthy process, and could well be above your budget given it involves a fair amount of organisation, planning, script and storyboard writing, film crew, and then the final cut and editing.

At FIGA Digital, we have come up with an Animated Clip displaying your brand and products & Services, as a more affordable option to Video or a Cinemagraph.

Hover over and click on this: Animated Clip

Bringing your Images to Life

Animation is always an ‘eye catcher’ and a short story can be told through an Animated Clip.

The process

We put together 35-50 second clips that introduce your business:

  • Displaying your key message
  • Logo / branding
  • Animate suitable and exciting images you already have and, where applicable, apply SFX (special effects) to make them even more exciting
  • Further create your identity through the animation of your logo


These are affordable to most businesses and have more impact than just a still image.

Multiple Clips

For the price of a video, you can have multiple clips that can either highlight a particular product range or target a specific promotion. They can go onto your home page or a page of your website and also posted through your social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook.

The Future

Visual engagement that is animated really engages your audience and brings them closer to your business or organisation. They’re able to see further into your offering through animation and as a result, will be more inclined to contact you or interested in finding out more about your products and services.

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