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SSL https

Have you ensured that your website is now secure with a URL beginning path of https rather than the previous http URL beginning path ? Google Chrome have upgraded their specification of a safe and secure website to have an SSL encryption certificate put in place by the Domain Registrar as well as https now…
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Google ‘Footfall’

Google ‘footfall’ In traditional retail, ‘footfall’ was often used when potential would be shop owners were looking to take on a new shop unit, being the historic number of people who walk passed the shop door. It’s just as important a word in digital, and given currently in Europe, we have one main search engine,…
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Google My Business – Update

Google My Business – New Changes There are recent changes to Google My Business, that you need to be aware of. If you already have an account setup then please read on. If not, skip to the below and setup one right away. 1. New Changes Google My Business has made some recent changes that…
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