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Animated Clip

Animating Images or Video Most companies have commissioned photographers to shoot images of their products & services and graphic designers to form their logos. A full-blown video can be expensive and a lengthy process, and could well be above your budget given it involves a fair amount of organisation, planning, script and storyboard writing, film…
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The FIGA creative team were commissioned to put together this video for Salisbury Cathedral School. Working with internal staff and head of digital and marketing, FIGA set about pulling together the story board and script, planned and managed the shoot with dedicated professionals, along with the final edit and agreed music of choice.

Thank you to Salisbury Cathedral School and the children and teachers who took part !

FIGA Digital Video

The FIGA creative team put together this short clip as it represents us and our ethos. It also reminds us of the incredible Planet that we live on.

Thank you FIGA creative team !