Video Content Marketing with 360 Degree Video

When it comes to Video Content it can often feel difficult to come up with new, creative ideas which will continue to engage your audience. However, with the rise of a new video trend, Brands are encouraged to be creative more than ever…

So, what’s the new trend? It’s the 360 Degree Video; a video where footage has been recorded from all angles of an environment and displayed as a spherical video which the audience can view from any angle by moving their device around or dragging their finger or cursor in a direction.

The 360 Degree video is like no other; it is designed completely around the audience’s experience and the audience are in control of their viewing experience.  Just as our eyes would scan our environment, the 360 Degree video allows audiences to physically move their device around to view different areas of the video, immersing them into a visual journey. The contemporary approach to video almost replicates our real life visionary experience, with the video not feeling as confined to screen size.

With the audience having control over their viewing experience, it is important that the 360 degree video is creative and engaging from all angles. The audience should be able to receive the Brand’s message from wherever they are watching and the content should be worth viewing at any angle. What makes 360 Degree videos so successful and engaging is that Brands are able to creatively convey their message across all angles consistently. The audience should feel immersed at any angle and the Brand’s message should be delivered effectively from wherever the audience is watching.

This new trend not only transforms the average viewing experience, but it is an exciting opportunity for Brands to showcase their products, services and events more creatively. Furthermore, for the audience it is a unique platform which allows them to feel more involved with Brands.

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