Social Video

Visually, video is one of the most persuasive marketing tools available.  It's allows your brand to deliver information in an engaging and clear way.  Not convinced?  We've put together a list of reasons why we think you should be using social video:

1. Access All Areas

If your consumer uses a smartphone and social video apps; they'll have access to your video (that's a lot of people!)

2. It's Easy

All you'll need is a phone and your imagination; video apps are easier than ever to set up and use.

3. It's Free!

If you want to trial social video, you can! Theoretically, you can create videos with zero budget.  It's all about giving it a go, seeing how well it does and taking it from there.

4. Builds Trust

If your video promotes your office lifestyle or some key characters, your viewer is more likely to trust your brand and understand what you're all about.  It's the best way to allow your brand voice to shine through!

5. It's Engaging

Whether you're going to use video content to promote your brand, announce some exciting news, sell a particular product, entertain, inform or instruct, you're likely to find that that your audience is much more likely to listen to you if they're visually engaged.  Before you know it, your video could be reaching people beyond your audience.

6. It's Key for Social Marketing

With so many brands now extremely active on social media platforms, video content is an extremely important part of getting your message across in a creative, social-friendly way.   It's also not as time consuming as you think; whilst you tend to have to create different content to suit each platform, a video can be shared instantly on all your social channels and reach all of your different audiences.

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