Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps – Do they really make life easier?

So I did an experiment.  Yes me, Jon Hale, the founder of FIGA Digital.

I was on the way to the office on Thursday and wanted to test the power of the Mobile App. Is it really as life-changing as everyone’s making out?

I decided to test whether, totally unplanned, I could book up a cost effective overseas trip for a few days using only my Apps.  I gave myself one hour and decided I needed a balance of sight-seeing, amazing work opportunities and the chance to wander.

Although no-one will believe me, the most important criteria for me is good Wi-Fi. I work 7 days a week for our wonderful clients and rarely switch off.  On the London Underground, the Wi-Fi signal was pretty strong for a large part of the journey, so I started to check out options/prices/weather (there was no point going if it was raining!!)

By the time I reached the office, I’d found a very cost effective flight and apartment rental (I always rent apartments when I travel as I don’t like hotels and like to cook around working), good Wi-Fi quality and a promising weather forecast.

I found the ideal spot and booked it all up within 10 minutes.  My conclusion? Mobile Apps are brilliant!

I worked until 2am in the office and then set off on foot with my rucksack to catch the shuttle bus. Excellent shopping opportunities at the airport meant I was fully kitted out before I lifted off to my last minute adventure.   


I have several golden rules about being a nomad:

  • Always travel using public transport – taxis should only be used as a last resort
  • Speak the language as best as you can
  • Try and meet new people
  • If you decide to go out to a restaurant, make sure it’s where the locals go.