Instagram Ads: Guide for small-medium businesses.

Instagram has become an increasingly favourable marketing platform for brands of all sizes with many embracing its visual nature, and appreciating the value of organic visual marketing on the social platform.

In spite of all sized brands utilising Instagram, it appears big brands are seizing the Instagram Ad feature more often than small-medium businesses. The Instagram Ad feature is a powerful tool which allows brands to seamlessly reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and assist businesses in achieving their objectives.

Here are a few tips to help small-medium businesses to effectively utilise Instagram Ads...

1. Creativity and High Quality

With Instagram Ads blending into people’s feed, the image or video used for the Ad needs to be high quality in order for it appear seamlessly into the targeted user’s feed. However, it is also important to choose an eye-catching image or video to avoid users quickly scrolling past the ad. Therefore, avoid using images or videos which scream ‘paid advertisement!’ and rather choose an image or video which naturally fit into the user’s feed. This will not only help encourage engagement for the ad, but build a positive reputation for the brand.

2. Copy Will Do The Talking

Avoid editing text onto the image or video and let the copy do the talking. The business logo being an exception, text on the image or video will hinder engagement rates as it will break the consistency in the user’s feed, and definitely scream ‘paid advertisement!’. Therefore use the caption to support the visual content, but also keep the attention span of users in mind by keeping it short and sweet. Furthermore, remember to use relevant hashtags and think of creating one to accompany the campaign.

3. Call For Action

Instagram provides a call to action button on the Ad which users will be able to click, instead of having to be directed to the ‘link in the Bio!’. For example, ‘Download Now  ‘Shop Now’ ‘Book Now’ ‘Sign Up’ ‘Learn More’ ‘Contact Us’ ‘Watch Now’ and ‘Apply Now’. Choose them with consideration of the business goal and ensure that the website link is both working and mobile friendly.

4. Best Suited

Instagram provides businesses with options of running an Image Ad, Video Ad or Carousel Ad. Businesses are able to captivate their targeted audience with a single photo, a creative 30 second video or a carousel; a number of images which the user scroll across to view. As opposed to randomly choosing between them, it is important to review which is best suited for the campaign and how it can be creatively utilised.

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