Google My Business

Is your business registered for Google My Business?

Registering to ‘Google My Business’ is a quick and easy process to show you’re open for business. Google My Business is a free tool which aims to help businesses to manage their online presence on the most popular search engine; Google. Ultimately, it helps with putting your business quite literally on the map as it allows customers to find you across Google; Search, Maps and Plus.

We’ve listed the three top benefits of using Google My Business:

1. Engage With Your Customers

Google My Business allows you to engage with your customers as it allows them to leave a review and rating of your business to which you can respond to. It is an opportunity for customers to provide valuable feedback of your business. It is important to respond to all customer reviews – positive or negative – in order to build trust between you and the customer, as well as between other customers reading the review.

2. Easy For Your Customer

By verifying your Business information, customers will easily find information when they search for your business. They will be informed of directions; address; phone number; hours of operation and even peak times. Businesses are also able to add images to their listing, giving customers a quick insight as to what they can expect. By managing this information, it will help potential customers to easily find the information necessary to contact you.

3. Access Insights

Google My Business provides businesses with a number of insights in order to help track the progress made through Google. For example, how customers have searched for business; where customers are coming from; how many people contacted your business from the phone number on the listing; how many clicked for directions and more.

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