Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a complimentary tool that Facebook provides for business pages allowing them to track the progress of their page and better their understanding of their target audience. By using Facebook Insights, business will improve their Facebook marketing as it provides an overview of what, and what is not working for their Facebook page.

If you have a Facebook business page, here are some beneficial insights you can receive:

  1. Reach

Facebook Insight allows you to monitor the reach of your Facebook posts. This refers to the number of people your posts were served to. It also allows you to monitor the total reach that is the total number of people who viewed your post, posts by other people to your page, page like adverts, mentions and check-ins.

The Reach Insight is very beneficial as it helps make clear how many people are viewing the content on your page and how many people viewed content organically or through paid Facebook posts and advertisements. By monitoring how much of your reach is achieved organically or through paid posts and advertisements, will help you review your current organic and paid strategy.


Facebook provides you with a monthly overview of how many Page Likes you achieved and how many you lost. The Likes insight also provides a well-presented graph showing where likes were derived from; organically, adverts, directly on your page and page suggestions.

The Likes Insight is a useful tool as it helps your understanding of when and where your page gained or lost likes. The graph provides a day-by-day overview of gained and lost likes and is useful as content can be referred back to see how many were encouraged or discouraged Page likes. Furthermore, being able to identify if people like your page through adverts, page suggestions or organically will encourage you to review your organic and paid strategy for likes.

  1. Posts

The Posts Insights provides an overview of the total engagement, reach and post clicks your content is achieving of every post on your Page.

The Post Insight is very valuable as it helps identify your successful posts; those reaching high levels of engagement and reach, and less successful posts; those reaching low levels of engagement and reach. With the number of Reach and Engagement side-by-side, you will gain a clear understanding of how well your posts are being engaged in relation to how many people have viewed. Therefore, this will encourage you to review your content marketing strategy as it makes clear which content is well received and which isn’t so popular.

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