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It can often feel quite difficult to keep all of your content engaging.

With the rise of several new trends, brands are encouraged to be more creative than ever before. Visual content is the best way to capture the attention of your audience; it allows them to truly understand your message and leaves a lasting affect. With so many brands catching onto this, it's time to take the next visual step.

Cinemagraphs are a perfect visual storyteller. They are still images that partly move in a subtle, seamless loop, allowing the viewer to stop and investigate further.

If you search “cinemagraph” in your web browser, you'll see how captivating and artistic they are and, how easily they grab your attention.

We looked into why cinemagraphs could help brands succeed in creating artistic content in such a simplistic, yet effective way:

1. It's simple and meaningful

Keep in mind the still images you would usually use to represent your content and ensure that your cinemagraph still aligns to this. The difference is that it creates more depth and attention, through the subtle movement.

2. It rules out the need to write lots of text

Whilst social channels are a great way to engage with your audience by discussing current trends or general topics, with a cinemegraph, you have a visual story that your audience will stay and watch; worth a 1000 words read, or more.

3. They look great

There's nothing better than visual engagement that, when clicked on, is instantly full of creative content that you want to browse through; images, videos and now cinemagraphs.

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